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Passaic County’s historic sites are heavily concentrated on the freedom to invent and innovate. Innovative technology and original ideas, then and now, have roots in government, politics, industrial power, transportation, engineering, machinery, scientific discovery, and the fight for freedoms and civil rights. The historic, political, and economic freedom that has fostered innovation can be interpreted at the below historic sites and museums.

Visit the American Labor Museum, Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Danforth Memorial Library, The Dey Mansion Washington’s Headquarters, Hinchliffe Stadium, Lambert Castle & Tower, Long Pond Ironworks, Morris Canal Greenway, Passaic County Court House, Paterson City Hall, Paterson Great Falls, Paterson Museum, and Ringwood Manor to learn more.


Part of Passaic County’s character stems from its rich diversity, both now and long ago. Food, culture, sports, religion, arts, activism, music, immigration, architecture, festivals, celebrations, and so much more can all be interpreted from our local history at the sites below.

Visit the American Labor Museum, Clifton Arts Center, The Dey Mansion Washington’s Headqurters, Hamilton-Van Wagner House, Hinchliffe Stadium, Lambert Castle & Tower, Paterson Center City Historic District, Paterson Great Falls, Paterson Museum, Passaic Center City Historic District, Passaic County Arts Center, Ringwood Manor, The Wayne Museum, the Van Houten House, , Wallisch Homestead, William Paterson University Galleries, West Milford Museum, and Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center to learn more about the foundation of diversity in Passaic County.


Passaic County is rich in natural history, which can be taken in through manicured gardens, park landscapes, and local agriculture.

See Passaic County’s Dey Mansion Gardens, Garret Mountain Reservation, Goffle Brook Park, Morris Canal Greenway, New Jersey Botanical Gardens, Paterson Great Falls, Ringwood State Park, Wallisch Homestead, Wawayanda State Park, and Weasel Brook Park to indulge in nature near you.

Alexander Hamilton's Passaic County

Walk in the footsteps of Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and other founding fathers. Stand in the places where the inspiration for the birth of our nation was once sparked.

Key sites that played an important role in the fight for American independence include the The Dey Mansion Washington’s Headquarters, Goffle Brook Park, Long Pond Ironworks, Paterson Great Falls, Ringwood Manor, and Robert Erskine’s Grave.

Families First Discovery Pass Program

The County of Passaic is proud to participate in the State of New Jersey’s Families First Discovery Pass Program. The pass offers families, and individuals, that are registered in state aid programs, with free or highly discounted admission to the arts, museums, venues, and presentations – both in-person and virtual.

The Families First Discovery Pass Program offers entry to educational experiences for New Jersey residents and helps cultural organizations engage new audiences with the objective of developing long-lasting connections. Guests can use their Families First Card or WIC Booklet to identify they are eligible for a discount or free admission; the card or booklet is not for payment.

The County of Passaic offers enriching programs and destinations for New Jersey Residents. These Passaic County locations are part of the program:  The Dey Mansion Washington’s Headquarters, Hamilton-Van Wagner House, Passaic County Arts Center, and The Wayne Museum.

Click on the link to learn more about the Families First Discovery Pass.


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