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Long Pond Ironworks was founded in 1766 as an ironworks “plantation” complete with an iron blast furnace, forge, houses, and farms.

Its second ironmaster, the Scottish scientist and inventor Robert Erskine served as surveyor-general to General George Washington during the American Revolution. He also operated the ironworks at Long Pond and Ringwood, which supplied armaments and goods for the Continental Army. Long Pond Ironworks later went on to produce iron for the American forces during the War of 1812 and for the Union Army during the Civil War.

Operations at the site ceased in 1882 due to the industry-wide conversion to anthracite furnaces using Pennsylvania coal. Today, the ruins of three furnaces and other unique 18th- and 19th-century structures remain.

The museum is operated by the Friends of Long Pond Ironworks, with a regular April through November tour schedule. Visitors often pair their trip to the historic site with a visit to Ringwood Manor – home of the Long Pond ironmasters – or hiking, boating, or fishing at the surrounding Long Pond Ironworks State Park or nearby Monksville Reservoir and Green Turtle Pond.

Visit the Friends of Long Pond Ironworks website to learn more.


Guided Tours, Interpretive Displays, Museum, Natural Landscapes, & Nearby Outdoor Activities


Group tours are available throughout the year by appointment. Public tours are scheduled on the second Saturday of every month, April through November.


Suggested Donation: Adults – $3
Suggested Donation: Children – $1


1334 Greenwood Lake Turnpike
Hewitt (West Milford), NJ 07421

Hours of Operation

The park grounds are open from sunrise to sunset daily. The museum is open April through November at the following times:
Monday – Thursday: Closed
Friday – Sunday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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