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During the 18th century, farms of large sizes commonly had a working forge.

Blacksmiths were hired to run the forge making and repairing hinges, household goods, farm implements, tools, and locks. Blacksmiths also made iron goods for use by other local tradesmen.

The Forge at Dey Mansion was constructed in the 1960s in an effort to interpret what would have been on the Dey family estate in the 18th century.

The structure is a wood frame covered with wood siding. The roof is in a gable configuration covered with a cedar shingle with 6 over 6 double-hung windows.

The Forge Dey Mansion

Forging Demonstrations

Demonstrations by our blacksmiths are performed at every major event held at Dey Mansion during the calendar year. For more information on demonstrations offered or about getting involved at our forge, please contact us at 973-706-6640.

The Forge Dey Mansion