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Who was Olmsted?

Frederick Law Olmsted is considered the father of American landscape architecture. He understood that widespread access to nature through calculated landscapes would benefit and improve society through health. He was directed by the principle that community places should be reachable and inclusive. Olmsted’s vision is evident in Passaic County through the work of his sons Frederick Jr. and John of the Olmsted Brothers Firm.

Passaic County Parks Commission

In 1927, the County of Passaic established the Passaic County Parks Commission, a commission that was authorized by the voters. The purpose of the commission was to lay out a comprehensive park system. The following were named to the inaugural commission and all members served without pay: Robert Benson (President), Garret A. Hobart (Vice President), Louis Hinchliffe (Treasurer), LeGrand Parrish, and William Gourley.


Your Olmsted Park

Here is Passaic County, Olmsted’s influence is quite pronounced. Whether it be a stroll through the Gardens at Dey Mansion Washington’s Headquarters or a hike through Garret Mountain Reservation, you will be certain to enjoy and appreciate the Olmsted vision.

Both Goffle Brook Park and Weasel Brook Park offer a picturesque setting featuring rolling hills combined with the sound of water as it weaves through a masterpiece.

Yesterday and Today

Olmsted left an indelible mark on Passaic County. Not only do we honor and respect his contributions, in addition, present day initiatives continue to be inspired by Olmsted. Passaic County’s newest park, Dundee Island Park in Passaic, is a clear example of incorporating Olmsted’s vision with modern day needs.

Celebrate With Us


Find Parks by Town

  • Bogue Pond Park

    17 Sandra Ln

  • Federal Hill Property

    264 Union Ave

  • Acquackanonk Gardens

    35 Mt. Washington Dr.

  • Hird Park

    480 Lexington Ave.

  • Nash Park

    700 Lexington Ave.

  • Albion Memorial Park

    201 Maplewood Ave.

  • Holster Park

    699 Grove St.

  • Normandy Park

    30 East Sixth St

  • Allwood Park

    Dead End of New Briar Ln., Summit, Windsor & Marlboro Rd.

  • Jubilee Park

    1355 Clifton Ave.

  • Oak Ridge Park

    1061 Clifton Ave.

  • Athenia Steel Recreation Complex

    718 Clifton Ave

  • Knollcroft Park

    195 Knollwood Terr.

  • Randolph Park

    327 Parker Ave.

  • Bayeux Park

    626 Van Houten Ave

  • Lakeview Park

    291 E. 7th St.

  • Ravine Park

    101 Rutgers Pl.

  • Chelsea Park

    51 Brighton Rd

  • Latteri Park

    81 Allwood Pl.

  • Richardson Oval Park

    45 Monhegan St.

  • Clifton Skatezone

    85 Third St.

  • Legion Park

    135 Central Ave.

  • Richardson Scale Park

    680 Van Houten Ave.

  • Delawanna Memorial

    379 Main Ave

  • Lowry Park

    101 William St.

  • Robin Hood Park

    55 Broaddale Ave.

  • Dudiak Park

    25 Stony Hill Rd

  • Main Mall Park

    343 Clifton Ave.

  • Sperling Park

    295 Speer Ave.

  • Dundee Island Park

    4 Ackerman Ave.

  • Main Memorial Park

    1395 Main Ave.

  • Urma Park

    168 Urma Ave.

  • Dunney Park

    82 Cherry St.

  • Morris Canal Park

    1101 Broad St.

  • Washington Park

    1004 Paulison Ave.

  • Gregory Manor

    80 Patricia Pl.

  • Mount Prospect Park

    341 Mt. Prospect Ave.

  • Zelenka Park

    10 Carol St.

  • Hillside Park

    91 Paterson Ave.

  • Franklin Field

    Franklin Ave

  • Wagaraw Field

    289 Wagaraw Rd

  • Amity Park


  • Louis Street Park

    Louis St

  • Suchorsky Park

    40 Parkway

  • Inwood Park

    Tanglewood Dr.

  • Morris Canal Park

    Main St. and Center Ave.

  • Wilmore Park

    Wilmore Road

  • Little Falls Sports and Recreation Complex

    160 Paterson Ave

  • Peckman Preserve

    Wilmore Road

  • High Mountain

    Red Trail

  • North Haledon Dog Park

    61 Brookside Ter

  • North Haledon Rec Fields

    515 High Mountain Rd

  • Armory Memorial Dog Park

    Main Ave and Gregory St.

  • Pulaski Park

    4th St

  • Third Ward Park

    Passaic Ave and Van Houten Ave

  • Christopher Columbus Park

    380 Paulison Ave

  • Shevchenko Park

    59 Westervelt Place

  • 12th Avenue Playground

    188 12th Avenue

  • Hayden Heights (Veterans Memorial)

    300 McBride Ave

  • Public School #30 Park (Martin Luther King Jr. School)

    851 E 28th St

  • Baer Playground

    352 Fifth Avenue

  • Lloyd Green Park

    21st Avenue and Plum Street

  • Putnam Oval

    Lafayette Street and East 16th Street

  • Barbour Park

    258 Fair St

  • Otis Cobb Park

    Bergen Street and East Main Street

  • Raceway Park

    70 Spruce St

  • Brandes Field

    Marshall Street and Paxton Street

  • Pan American Park

    439-447 20th Ave (Near Market Street)

  • Riverside Oval

    River Street and Third Avenue

  • Buckley Park

    400 Chamberlain Ave

  • Paterson Skate Park

    99-105 21st Ave

  • Roberto Clemente Park

    370 Park Avenue

  • Commons Park

    North Eigth Street and Oxford Street

  • Pennington Park

    372 McBride Ave

  • Vietnam Veterans Park

    Union Avenue (between Manchester Avenue and Paterson Avenue)

  • Dominick De Marco Park

    Fifth and River St

  • Presidential Park

    Presidential Blvd and Jay Street

  • Vreeland Avenue Park and Playground

    Vreeland Ave and 20th Ave

  • Eastside Park

    601 Park Avenue

  • Public School #24 Park

    50 19th Ave

  • Westside Park

    114 Totowa Ave

  • Federici and Cianci Street Park (Lou Costello Statue)

    Cianci Street and Ellison Street

  • Public School #25 Park

    287 Trenton Ave

  • Wrigley Park 

    Montgomery Street and Mercer Street

  • Gould Avenue Park

    Gould Avenue and Main Street

  • Gallo-Pacifico Park

    505 Ringwood Ave

  • John Murrin Park

    1191 Ringwood Avenue

  • Stiles Park

    1431 River Edge Drive

  • Hershfield Park

    22 Hershfield Park Pl

  • Lakeside Park

    580 Lakeside Ave

  • Hofstra Park

    Struyk Ave

  • Lincoln Field

    Crosby Avenue

  • Addice Park

    Meadowbrook Ave

  • Memorial Field

    War Veteran Pl.

  • Tremont

    Tremont Terrace

  • Hagstrom Field

    Warren Hagstrom Blvd

  • Theoharous Park

    Conklintown Road

  • Wanaque School

    First St.

  • Bubbling Springs

    1486 Macopin Rd

  • Echo Lake Field

    Germantown Rd

  • Nosenzo Pond Park

    54 Nosenzo Pond

  • Brown's Point Park

    1996 Greenwood Lake Tpke

  • Farrell Field

    30 Lycosky Dr

  • Westbrook Park

    1077 Westbrook Rd

  • Creative Playground

    1614 Union Valley Rd

  • Mt. Laurel Park

    Warwick Turnpike

  • DeSimone Field

    60 Margret King Avenue

  • Martini Field

    High Mountain Road

  • Stonetown Recreation Complex

    Mary Roth Drive

  • Jenkins Park

    Skyline Lakes Drive

  • Pioneer Park

    Popular Drive

  • Upper Ringwood Playground

    Van Dunk Lane & Cannon Mine Road

  • Major and Senior Fields

    Margaret King Avenue & Sloatsburg Road

  • Arnold Lijoi Riverfront Place

    Bergen Boulevard & Ryle Park Avenue

  • Firemen’s Memorial

    McBride Avenue & Memorial Drive

  • Thomas E. May Park

    Mt. Pleasant Avenue & Williams Drive

  • Benjamin Cavalleri Memorial Park

    Bergen Boulevard & Whippany Avenue

  • Frank D. Zaccaria Memorial Park

    340 Rifle Camp Road

  • Twin Bridges Park

    Mt. Pleasant Avenue & Rose Place

  • Bicentennial Park

    922 McBride Avenue

  • Leo’s Square

    Bergen Boulevard & Whippany Avenue

  • Veterans Memorial

    Brophy Lane & McBride Avenue

  • Diane Grimes Memorial Park

    167 Mt. Pleasant Avenue

  • Memorial Field

    Memorial Drive at McBride Avenue

  • Zambrano Memorial Park

    McBride Avenue & West 36th Street

  • Dowling Gardens

    963 McBride Avenue

  • Rose Place Park

    220 Rose Place

  • Alps Road Park

    1530 Alps Road

  • James Roe Memorial Family Aquatic Center

    100 College Road

  • Parish Oval Park

    2 Taylor Drive

  • Boulevard Park

    117 Camden Street

  • "Joe D” Memorial Park

    Village Drive

  • Roe Park

    10 Post Lane

  • Captain Kilroy Park

    6 Concord Place

  • Kaywin Park

    20 David Scott Drive

  • Rumana Park

    15 Rumana Road

  • Dave Waks Memorial Park

    39 Barbour Pond Drive

  • Lance Corporal Ralph Valt Memorial Park

    71 Hamiton Avenue

  • Sgt. Thomas Deppa Memorial Park

    113 Garden Road

  • Everett J. Faber Memorial Park

    14 Farmingdale Road

  • Laurelwood Arboretum

    725 Pines Lake Drive W

  • Shai Shacknai Park

    55 Greenrale Avenue

  • Fayette Avenue Park

    1 Fayette Avenue

  • Lieutenant Carey Arthur Memorial Park

    1 Tower Road

  • Sunnybank-Terhune Park

    333 Terhune Drive

  • Friends & Family Park

    868 Black Oak Ridge Road

  • Minnisink Park

    70 Peach Way

  • Tintle Park

    100 Valley Road

  • Glenn McCoog Memorial Park

    100 Barnsdale Road

  • Municipal Complex

    45 Nellis Road

  • Veterans' Alliance Park

    15 Mountainview Boulevard

  • Gregg Froehner Memorial Park

    41 Runnymede Drive

  • North Cove Park

    100 Pal Drive

  • Wayne Area Park

    1 Camden Street

  • High Mountain Reserve Park

    100 College Road

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